Meursault does not feel anything therefore

It is more wrong not to feel anything than to admit that you don’t feel anything meursault doesn’t feel anything and is therefore considered an outsider to society, because they expect him to behave/ feel as they do. After meursault said he did not believe in god the lawyer responded by saying it was impossible all men believe in god, even those who turn their backs on him (camus 69) therefore meursault is just simply a atheist nothing more or less. Marie never expresses appall or anger towards meursault or his actions, she never doubts that he is an innocent man and that the crime he committed does not reflect his true self: marie burst into tears and said it wasn’t like thatshe knew me and i hadn’t done anything wrong however, because marie stays hopeful throughout, she never. Meursault meursault, the protagonist, works in a shipping office in algiers he is an atheist and a nihilist because of these views, he does not share the same feelings and moral values as others in his society. Meursault does not delve into psychological self-analysis, and he likewise does not judge or interpret the actions of others therefore, it is possible to assert that meursault has not yet developed a full consciousness.

A worthy complement to its great predecessor, the meursault investigation is not only a profound meditation on arab identity and the disastrous effects of colonialism in algeria, but also a stunning work of literature in its own right, told in a unique and affecting voice. That is, meursault’s outlook on life, as the uncompromising individual, is commendable in that respect alone that he does not bend to humanity’s rules – he is therefore totally responsible. Meanwhile, society does not understand this, and hence, meursault is like a stranger within our society moral human beings grieve or love or feel empathy, and those who do not have feelings are odd - a danger to us. When marie asks meursault if he really loved her, he replied that it does not mean anything and therefore, he does not think so in addition, meursault detaches himself from emotional attachment towards others.

In relation to this, he does not feel anything neither grief nor sadness during his mothers’ funeral procession, (camus 70) he also beliefs that, the world is meaningless and purposeless the feelings of an anti-hero person and therefore, meursault fulfills the anti-hero theme. Does meursault really feel anything at the memories of those joys, he tries to push them out and get it over with and go back to my cell and sleep (105), as his brief glimpse of having feelings is much too overwhelming for him. But perhaps the difference between salamano and meursault is not that meursault doesn't care for those he should and salamano does, i think it's more along the lines of existentialist thinking, that meursault has accepted death as a major component of life and therefore values his mother's life so much so that he does not feel the need to. I am not sure if meursault is a monster because when he kills the man it does not make him happy he does not relish in killing another but instead refers to it as knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness (59.

Although another look at the opening sentence reveals a great deal more than the first impression, meursault cares about his mother's death but refuses to be stricken with grief when he does not feel that way. This downplay on their relationship and her feelings demonstrate that meursault does not value anything of marie below surface level and that he lacks the need for a warmer connection between them meursault does, however, still crave women as a whole in the same way which he craves, yet disregards, marie. 260 s t e v e n p o ser meursault does not lie—he simply does not feel for that reason he disturbs people, enrages them, makes them question his humanity. Similarly, the main character, meursault, from the short novel the stranger, by albert camus, represents a man who does not feel any condition to anyone or anything meursault seems not to have a sense of emotion for the occurring actions in his life, and as a result, camus pictures him as a senseless man. Meursault does not even feel sorry for what he did it was an inconvenience to him to be taken from his pleasurable life and dropped into the monotonous dirty cell the times with the magistrate come to represent the only breaks from the dark damp world of the cell and he finds pleasure in the simple cordiality of their rare interactions.

Therefore he decides not to do anything to search for the meaning of reality, and not to show any emotion in reality he is cold to everything he seems to feel everything has no meaning, and there is no right or wrong in reality. He does physical harm to her and does not feel bad for it although meursault hurts marie by not having strong emotions for her, he is not trying to make her feel bad raymond always seems to be the one that starts trouble. Meursault does not really care about anything he is involved in, and it is therefore made known through his prospective we know that meursault is detached in the relationships he has with other characters, like marie for example. Meursault exists as he is, not trying to be anything more than himself meursault, the novel’s hero, a “stranger” to the system of christian morality insofar as he cannot comprehend it, is certainly not an “outsider” neither consciously choosing to remain outside society nor being rejected by it.

  • When meursault arrives, he meets with the director of the old persons’ home, who assures meursault that he should not feel bad for having sent his mother there the director asserts that it was the best decision meursault could have made, given his modest salary.
  • Does anyone feel like they are exactly like the character meursault in the stranger by albert camus update cancel ad by zoho and therefore, i do not understand why i would care what is happening in your life meursault’s “damning crime is his inability to be disingenuous” meursault is not mean or cruel, per say — he is.

Meursault does not feel any sensations a normal human would have with members of the opposite sex, nor does anything important seem to interest him this lack of feeling, meursault does realize it is a problem, for he states himself, i explained to him, however, that my nature was that my physical needs often got in the way of my feelings. To feel less alone, meursault only has to wish that a crowd of spectators at his execution will greet [him] with cries of hate analysis throughout part 1, meursault does not reflect on his experience of the world, but instead focuses on the sensations of physical life. We do not wish to feel anything, because feeling causes emotions and emotions are difficult to rein in and control he is also a better writer on an artistic level there are many beautiful passages in the stranger, and matthew ward manages to not ruin them in translation. Because meursault is seated in the light it shows that in this point in the book meursault does not believe he has done anything wrong and makes the reader feel as if the roles of criminal and prosecutor have been switched.

meursault does not feel anything therefore Meursault does not express any remorse upon learning of his mother‟s death but rather he merely reports the fact in a plain and straightforward manner his chief concern is the precise day of his mother‟s death—a seemingly trivial detail.
Meursault does not feel anything therefore
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